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Download Archived Releases

Download the orthologs for the current (and past) Roundup release and the genomes used to compute them. You can download the orthologs as a compressed text-format file containing all the orthologs for a given combination of divergence and e-value parameters. You can download the genomes used in a Roundup release as a compressed archive containing a FASTA file for every genome.

Releases prefixed with 'qfo_' are special releases of data generated as a part of the Quest for Orthologs, a worldwide collaboration of orthology researchers aimed at standardizing, evaluating, and improving ortholog inference. These releases contain orthologs for the Reference Proteomes of the Quest for Orthologs group, computed using a divergence of 0.8 and e-value of 1e-5, which can be downloaded as a compressed OrthoXML file.

Release 4

Release 3

Release 2

Release qfo_2013_04

Release qfo_2011_04

Download Software

Need orthologs for a genome not in Roundup? Download and run the RSD algorithm on your computer:

For those interested in the how the Roundup website or computational pipeline works, the code for Roundup is available at: